Combining fresh thinking with a multicultural approach

TrueNoord is an aircraft leasing company with offices in Amsterdam, London, Dublin and Singapore.

We provide leasing and lease management services strengthened by extensive knowledge of aircraft finance in the specific regional aircraft sector, and deployed by an expanding team of talented and highly experienced individuals.

To build our diversified portfolio of regional aircraft for a worldwide operator base we are supported by investment from our cornerstone investors: Freshstream, BlackRock and abrdn. Debt financing is secured by well-established global financial institutions that support our business.

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Helping to bring communities together

Air transport connectivity encourages investment and innovation to improve business operations and efficiency. But beyond dollars, trade and employment, regional aviation also provides a lifeline for areas of the world with inadequate road and rail infrastructure. By sharing information, discovering new ways to support our customers, and exploring the latest technologies, TrueNoord is committed to working in partnership with other industries, governments, and people everywhere for the benefit of our global society.

As we expand our global footprint beyond our European heartland, and lease aircraft to operators in Mexico, Brazil, India, Indonesia, the USA and beyond, TrueNoord becomes part of the chain that enables people and business to connect – enhancing lives and building prosperity.