TrueNoord’s business is driven by demand for regional air travel

Aircraft leasing generates stable returns with readily marketable assets that are flexible, durable and interchangeable. The diversity of TrueNoord’s global clients and our expanding aircraft fleet provide the keys to our balanced portfolio. This enables us to participate effectively in the strong growth of the aviation market without being fully exposed to fluctuations in the global economy.

Our customer portfolio includes

We work closely with our customers - the operators of aircraft between 50 and 150 seats - and support them with solutions-driven professional services. We not only seek to understand their financial metrics, but also gain a strong understanding of each lessee’s business model combined with their route structures and the markets they service, whether these be essential connections, leisure traffic, or business users.

Through the provision of operating leases TrueNoord is enabling airlines to right-size their fleets and deliver the correct balance of capacity and frequency on key routes.