AviTrader - August 2022

Maximising effectiveness in lease return operations from a Lessor’s perspective…

With the market picking up, at TrueNoord we have seen quick congestion of MRO capacity, requiring us to divert aircraft to alternative facilities. That has allowed us to get acquainted with facilities we have not used before, most of which we are planning to utilise for future work. Other than that, we do notice supply chain issues, predominantly in component repairs.

As return coordination with the lessee is planned, we are considering the most likely options for placing the aircraft on subsequent lease and estimate the mods required for this. Oftentimes, the previous lessee cooperates in planning this work during the return shop visit, allowing us to cut downtime. During a return coordination visit, we also assess the work required on preparation of records and allocate the necessary capacity.

At TrueNoord, we have found a number of interesting applications for new technologies that allow for more efficient damage and repair mapping. The use of drones where permitted is very efficient and also serves a purpose in remarketing. Also, the use of VR tools is something we consider an interesting development, although we have not applied it quite yet. We hope to investigate this further in the future.


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2 September 2022