Turboprop Market Report 2023

Turboprop Market Report 2023

Exploring Future Technology

The full report can be downloaded from here.

Angus von Schoenberg, TrueNoord Industry Officer, explains, “The previous Large Turboprop Report (June 2020) provided an overview of the 70-90 seat turboprop market primarily covering the above referenced ATR72 and Dash 8-400. This revised and updated report will continue to primarily focus on these aircraft. TrueNoord already owns 21 ATR72-600s and since the previous report has also acquired five Dash 8-400s. Over the last year, TrueNoord has also added 4 of the smaller ATR42-600 aircraft so this report’s scope will broaden to cover the lower number of seats in this aircraft.

Furthermore, as all the new technology aircraft platforms involve lower seating capacities this report will also address future generation turboprops from 19-90 seats with only cursory references to the smaller capacity aircraft such as the Alice. (Short range urban air mobility projects often referred to as eVTOLs are excluded).

For the in-service aircraft types, this report will examine aircraft characteristics, applications, market penetration, and operating economics, as well as addressing the current dynamics in values of these aircraft which continue to see some variety of values from the appraisal community.

With respect to future technology, the report will examine characteristics to the extent that these are known, the possible timelines for entry to service, technical, and certification challenges remaining. Any initial operating cost data available will be examined along with a review of the commitments placed so far by potential operators.”


18 June 2023