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21 February 2017

TrueNoord: Regional International March-April 2023

Market Review: Aviation supply chain faces strain

Michael Adams, Executive Director of TrueNoord Services Ireland and Sales Director Europe, shares the latest market trends and forecasts for regional aviation in Europe in 2023.

30 March 2023

TrueNoord are a proud sponsor of this year’s ERA Regional Airline Conference in Nice

ERA Regional Airline Conference, 29th – 30th March 2023

TrueNoord are a proud sponsor of this year’s ERA Regional Airline Conference in Nice

21 March 2023

TrueNoord: Airfinance Journal - Lessors eye African rebound

Airfinance Journal: Lessors eye African rebound

Maarten Grift, TrueNoord’s Sales Manager for Africa, alongside other industry experts, spoke to Hugh Davies for his Airfinance Journal feature, Lessors eye African rebound.

10 March 2023

TrueNoord event - ISTAT Americas 2023

International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading (ISTAT) Americas, San Diego 5th–7th March.

The TrueNoord team will be represented by Garry Topp, Richard Jacobs and Vinay Kasturi.

2 March 2023

Truenoord - Avalon 2023 Australian International Airshow, Melbourne

Avalon 2023 Australian International Airshow, Melbourne from 28th February – 5th March 2023

Carst Lindeboom, Sales Director Asia Pacific, will be representing the TrueNoord team in Melbourne.

23 February 2023

Airfinance Journal - January - February 2023

Airfinance Journal: Diversification is key

The Truenoord chief executive tells Hugh Davies the lessor will continue to target regional jets and turboprops

10 February 2023

Anne-Bart Tieleman, CEO-TrueNoord

TrueNoord acquires portfolio of ten Embraer aircraft from Nordic Aviation Capital

This significant transaction increases TrueNoord’s portfolio to 70 aircraft and brings new lessee airlines from North America, Canada, and South Africa into the family, as well as increasing TrueNoord’s footprint with existing European airline customers in France and Portugal.

16 January 2023

TrueNoord - LARA - Keeping a weather eye

Keeping a weather eye

As part of LARA magazine’s December 2022/January 2023 Finance and Leasing Special, Lucy Powell talks to leading aviation analysts and lessors, including TrueNoord’s CEO Anne-Bart Tieleman, about the current state of play in the world of aviation finance and what challenges are facing lessors.

11 January 2023

TrueNoord - LARA - A rising tide

A rising tide

With regional aviation bouncing back, TrueNoord Industry Officer, Angus von Schoenberg, and other industry experts talk to Michael Doran as he examines the aircraft leasing market in the December 2022/January 2023 issue of LARA magazine.

9 January 2023

TrueNoord is proud to be a sponsor of Growth Frontiers Global in Dublin

Airline Economics Growth Frontiers Global, Dublin – 15th to 18th January 2023

TrueNoord look forward to seeing you at Airline Economics Growth Frontiers Global, Dublin 2023.

4 January 2023