Bouncing back

TrueNoord recently featured in the December/January issue of LARA giving insight on the current aircraft leasing market. Our Industry Officer, Angus von Schoenberg considers the industry-wide capacity constraints, the popularity of the Embraer E-Jet aircraft, and offers sector foresight for 2024.

Keeping a weather eye

As part of LARA magazine’s December 2022/January 2023 Finance and Leasing Special, Lucy Powell talks to leading aviation analysts and lessors, including TrueNoord’s CEO Anne-Bart Tieleman, about the current state of play in the world of aviation finance and what challenges are facing lessors.

A rising tide

With regional aviation bouncing back, TrueNoord Industry Officer, Angus von Schoenberg, and other industry experts talk to Michael Doran as he examines the aircraft leasing market in the December 2022/January 2023 issue of LARA magazine.

Regional Jet Market Report 2022

TrueNoord’s new Regional Jet Market Report presents an overview of this aircraft type and an analysis of the current dynamics driving market values. Types covered in the report include: CRJ700; CRJ900; CRJ1000; E170; E175; E190 and E195. Download your copy of our latest insight.

Covering one’s options

With many airlines having endured a tough couple of years, the green shoots of recovery are now evident. The need to get regional fleets back into the sky or replace older aircraft has never been more urgent. For cost-efficient, savvy airlines, leasing may well be the best option. Michael Doran spoke to those leading the charge and offering deals.

Airfinance Journal: Regional boom

As the industry emerges from Covid-19, Truenoord’s chief executive officer, Anne-Bart Tieleman, discusses with Olivier Bonnassies and Hugh Davies how regional lessors will look to take advantage of M&A opportunities as well as the improved economics of new-technology regional assets.

Crossover Jets Market Report 2021

TrueNoord’s new ‘Crossover Jets Market Report’ highlights how crossover jets could become the ideal platform in a post-pandemic environment and considers the drivers that will impact the market potential of these aircraft. In this interview, Aviation journalist, Bernie Baldwin speaks to the author of the report, Angus von Schoenberg, about his findings.

Those Timeless Turboprops

As one of the leading aircraft lessors in the business, TrueNoord has kept a steady eye on the turboprop market and believes that the type still has an assured place within the regional market. Its Industry Officer, Angus von Schoenberg, explains why to LARA Editor Glenn Sands.

The right fit

Angus von Schoenberg, Chief Investment Officer at TrueNoord, talks to Regional International about how regional jets and turboprops can be used to ‘right size’ and optimise capacity for airlines.

A boost to the bottom line?

Finding funds to finance new aircraft can be difficult but is not the only reason why many companies choose to lease. Angus von Schoenberg, Chief Investment Officer, TrueNoord, explains how aircraft lessors can reduce an airline’s risk exposure and deploy capital to operations.